~~Agape: The Discovery Of True Love~~

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{Artwork by Luis Royo}

Agape {True Love} an ode to my best friend whom I love more than life itself....Vox...
I hear the fire of love
in the pale notes
of the reeds.
I am thirsty for you
like a fish
parched on dry land
for way too long.
You show me the way
back to the salty sea
and i drown in your essence.
it flows out from the center of my being.
I want the music
you give to my soul
and the light you put in my eyes
and the warmth of you close to me.
my soul lives with you
in the silence
when time stands still
i existed in emptiness
you became my night sky.
your tongue is my flower.
while we were apart
the world did not exist.
it seems as if i had been searching
for you
you are my true religion.
what i am is a mirror for you
i live as a shadow
close to the rose
i would turn into a thornbush
without your naked kiss.
i give everything
to taste your blood-wine.
thirst drove me to you.
you are the moon's reflection.

by ~*Rain~* Copyright 2004, All Rights Reserved.